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Founding Member Sale!

Put down the pecan pie and dig into this!



The Fizz Quarterly Subscription Box Launch

Where you can

Enjoy (Or Gift) The Best Self-Care Experience Right In Your Own Home!

The only problem? Finding self-care products that are handmade with care, instead of imported from who-knows-where with ingredients you can’t pronounce!















In fact, you’re not alone if you’ve ever felt like:


  • You’re spending money on substandard products, but the prices continue to go up while the quality goes down


  • You want to gift a self-care subscription to a loved one, but all of the popular options only cater to bath lovers


  • You’ve even tried to make your own products and realize that it’s way more expensive and not as satisfying

How do I know? I can 100% relate to where you’re at now.


I grew up in New York City and was able to purchase any kind of self-care option I wanted whenever I wanted...  


However, when I moved to South Dakota, my options dwindled considerably!  I’m not a bubble bath type of girl, but that’s about all that I could find, and the products offered weren’t all that great anyway!  


When my family later moved to Washington State I was inspired by all the beautiful scenery around me, and decided that I would begin making my own natural bath products!  


I made sure to use non-irritating ingredients that I recognized and could find in my own kitchen/pantry.  This took time, but my skin knew the difference after I sourced out high-quality butters, pure essential oils, and colorants that didn’t stain my tub!


On the top of my “To Do” list was the formulation of products for the shower that would make self-care lovers feel as nourished and pampered as if they spent a few hours at the spa!  Now don’t get me wrong, I make a mean bath bomb (and those that pick the tub option will be in heaven!), but I’m extremely proud of my artisan shower steamers using all-natural essential oils!


That’s exactly why I’m so proud to offer this product to my self-care lovers at 20% OFF this weekend – for just a limited time!


20% Off & 3 Special Bonuses!!


Imagine finally being able to…

  • Receive a beautifully curated box full of self-care treats that’ll last you 3 months!

  • Give the perfect gift to loved ones based on what they prefer, not just what mainstream companies offer (i.e. tub only experiences)!

  • Support a handmade business that takes the time and effort to make nourishing products all can enjoy, and know your products aren’t stuck on a ship somewhere waiting to be unloaded!


With The Fizz Quarterly Founding Member Sale, you’re getting:


  • 12 Items Quarterly, curated to match each season for either the shower or tub – a value of: $200.00


  • Reduced shipping and handling price: $10

Plus, to make The Fizz Quarterly Founding Member Sale extra special, I’m including these limited-time bonuses: 


  • Small Gift Set featuring 5 items for the tub or shower sent in time to sit under your tree for Christmas so that whether you’re giving this as a gift or keeping all the goodies for yourself, you’ll be able to enjoy some products before our launch of January 10th – a value of: $50


  • Tote Bag and coffee mug with The Fizz Quarterly logo on it so that you can show off your Founding Member status – a value of: $21


  • Founding member discount code that will give you $20 off any order on after your membership starts - a value of $20


  • First 10 people to sign up will be entered into a giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card!


Total value: $351.00


Regular price: $75.00


Today’s Founding Member Price: $60




Just for a limited time! Until midnight on November 29th!




Plus, to make this an absolute no-brainer for you, I’m including a 30-day guarantee so that you can try out all the products in your first box. You can try out The Fizz Quarterly for 30 days and if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just let me know at


“But why now? Why is this important today?”


Aside from this sale disappearing in just a few days (😉), you’ll want to jump on this today for a few reasons:

  1. The supply chain is backed up completely so receiving quality goods from overseas will get harder and harder

  2. Due to the cost of the ingredients used to make my products, we will never be able to offer this box at such a low price again

  3. Handmade products are just better in every way.  When you support a small business, you help a family and community that do their best to create beautiful, nourishing items for you to enjoy


“Got questions? I’ve got answers!”


Will the boxes only have one fragrance in all of the products?

No, each box will feature scents and colors designed around the season in which they’re shipped.  All scents will be complementary to each other and will create a cohesive experience


I’m allergic to lavender?  Can you make sure that’s not in my box?

Yes!!  When you go to purchase your subscription there is a “Note To Seller” box.  Please input any allergies or aversions you may have.  I Will do my best to accommodate and will refund you if I’m not able to do so.


Why should I have to wait 3 months in between each box when I can buy items separately?

The products featured in each Fizz Quarterly box will be exclusive to that particular box.  They will not be for sale anywhere else. You will receive a discount code that will allow you to purchase more items from Kim’s Bath Shop in between box shipments just in case you run out of anything and would like an alternative product.


When will my boxes be shipped?  When will my card be charged?

Each box will be put into the mail on the 10th of the following months:  January, April, July & October.  Your card will be charged on the 15th of that same month.  If you choose the yearly option of $240.00, then you will be charged every 12 months.


Am I able to change my preference between shower and tub at any time? Or am I locked into one or the other?

As long as we hear from you before the first of the shipping month, then we can accommodate this change easily!


What shipping carrier do you use?  Will my box be exposed during travel time to the weather?

We use the USPS for all our shipping needs, and each box will be sealed to protect your items from inclement weather.


Do you have a refund policy?

If your box arrives damaged or just doesn’t suit your needs, then we will refund you the cost of your most recent box.  We will need photographic proof of damage to the products or the box in order to complete this request.  Photos can be sent to

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