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Should You Wholesale Handmade Items?


Are you interested in wholesale handcrafting, but not sure it's the right move for your business? Or are you just starting out and looking for some advice on how to get started? This article will help answer all of those questions.

The Pros and Cons of Wholesaling Handmade Products

Wholesaling handmade items can be a good way to get your products in front of more people. However, it’s not always the right choice for every business.

First and foremost, if you have an established brand with a loyal following, wholesale is probably not the best move for you. You have loyal customers who love your designs and support your shop. The last thing you want to do is give away part of the profits from their purchases!

Secondly, if there are already many sellers offering similar goods in this category on Etsy or other platforms, then it may be difficult to find resellers for your products—and even harder to compete with them when they offer lower prices than yours!

Thirdly, there are several partners available (i.e. Faire, Abound, etc) that can help you wholesale your items to retailers you'd never be able to contact. However, it must be kept in mind that these partners will take their cut of your sales. If your need to keep every dime for yourself, then this might not be a good option for you. I've been using Faire for nearly seven months now, and it has been a huge boon for my business! Whatever cut Faire may take is outweighed by the number of orders I have received, as well as the large order quantity that my buyers request from me.

How to Wholesale Handmade Products

  • Focus on quality.

  • Do your research.

  • Build a brand.

  • Make sure you have a reliable supplier, manufacturer, and shipping company.

  • Make sure you have a reliable payment processor

Learning Handmade Product Marketing

You need to be able to market your products. Marketing is not a one-time event, and it's not something that you can do alone. It requires a long-term commitment from you and your business partners. And as the market changes, so do your marketing strategies—so prepare yourself for endless learning and improvement.

While there are many ways to market handmade items, there are no perfect solutions or universal truths when it comes to online marketing strategies. You should experiment with different types of content until you find what resonates best with your target audience (and even then, continue experimenting).

While wholesale may be a great way to increase the number of sales you make, it should not be the focus of your business. It can take a lot of time and money to get a buyer to place an order, so it's best to ensure they will place repeat orders before you jump in wholeheartedly.

Wholesale is a great way to increase the quantity of sales you make, but it is not the focus of your business. You should consider wholesale if you want to increase your income and get your items in front of more people, but keep in mind that it does take a lot of time and money to get a buyer to place an order.

If you decide that wholesale is right for you, look for wholesalers who have unique stories or products that complement yours. Avoid wholesalers that have too many similar items because they won't be able to stand out when selling on eBay or Amazon Marketplace (or even Etsy). If possible, choose a product with good margins so there's room left after paying costs like marketing materials and shipping fees (which will decrease as volume increases).


The decision to wholesale handmade items is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it’s certainly not something to rush into. Wholesaling does help you make more sales and bring in more revenue, but it also requires a lot of work. If you want to get started wholesaling handmade products, then do your research first so that you know what kind of buyer will be interested in buying from you. Once you find those buyers, start contacting them about placing orders so that when they do place an order with you they won't have any problems doing so again in future months


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