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Introducing my new body splash — a sensory masterpiece hand-poured with care by me! Elevate your senses with this versatile mist that seamlessly transitions from your body to your favorite spaces and linens.  


Versatility Redefined: Indulge in a symphony of scents designed for both men and women. From fresh florals to rich woody notes, our body splash is an olfactory journey in a bottle.


Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each bottle is a labor of love, meticulously hand-poured to ensure the perfect blend of fragrance. Experience the essence of dedication in every spritz.


Stain-Free Assurance: Worry-free indulgence! Our formula is meticulously crafted to ensure it won't discolor fabrics. Revel in the luxurious scent without a trace.


Sized for Your Lifestyle: Choose from 2, 4, or 8 ounces to suit your needs. Whether it's a pocket-sized burst of freshness or a lavish misting experience, my Perfect Body Splash is ready to complement your lifestyle.


Perfect for Gifting: Share the joy of sensory indulgence with loved ones. My Perfect Body Splash makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion.


Unveil a world of scent crafted just for you. Embrace the allure of My Perfect Body Splash and let your fragrance story unfold.  Want a scent not listed here, reach out, and I'll make it custom for you!  Get the matching moisturizing body wash, moisturizing body lotion, or moisturizing body oil by clicking on each item!


Scents Available:

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Vanilla Sugar

Cashmere Musk

Beach Vibes

French Lilac

Grapefruit & Mint

Smoked Lavender


Magnolia & Peony

Orange Blossom

Rose & Oud

Dry Gin & Cypress


Tonka & Oud


Perfect Body Splash

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