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🎉 Introducing The Fizz Quarterly Annual Subscription Box! 🎁


Welcome to a year of luxurious self-care delivered right to your doorstep. Embrace relaxation and rejuvenation with our curated selection of bath and shower essentials, thoughtfully crafted to elevate your daily routine.


Choose Your Variant:

🛁 Bath Box: Immerse yourself in a year-long journey of indulgence with our carefully selected bath essentials. From soothing bath bombs to nourishing face scrubs, each quarterly delivery promises at least 12 handpicked products tailored to your relaxation needs.


🚿 Shower Box: Elevate your shower routine with an abundance of luxurious products, including an assortment of shower steamers, moisturizing body washes, and exfoliating soap bars. With 40 pure essential oil-scented steamers and a range of high-quality body care items, your showers will become moments of pure bliss.


💫 Combo Box: Can't decide between bath and shower? Enjoy the best of both worlds with our combo box, featuring an equal mix of products from both variants. It's the ultimate self-care treat, providing variety and relaxation throughout the year.


Personalized Just for You: Your satisfaction is our priority. Let us know about any allergies or aversions, and we'll customize your yearly subscription accordingly. With our personalized approach, every delivery is tailored to your preferences, ensuring a truly delightful experience.


Join The Fizz Family Today: Indulge in a year of self-care bliss with The Fizz Annual Subscription Box. Priced at $300 for the entire year, it's an investment in your well-being that's worth every penny. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with the gift of relaxation – because you deserve it.


Sign up for The Fizz Quarterly Annual Subscription Box today and embark on a journey to total relaxation and self-care! 🌟

The Fizz Quarterly Subscription Box

Price Options
The Fizz Quarterly
$300.00every 12 months until canceled
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